Six Unserrated Steak Knives
Six Unserrated Steak Knives

Six Unserrated Steak Knives

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A set of six unserrated steak utility knives.

Great for a smooth cut with all your plated meals.

Additional open stock pieces are available to round out your collection. 

CLASSIC CUTLERY offers RADA knives with top quality surgical grade stainless steel that will hold it's edge far longer than the competition along with a lifetime warranty.    

Our knives and knife sets make wonderful classic wedding gifts or complement your existing collection with our vast open-stock collection.  


Handwashing is always the preferred method as it prevents microscopic dings on the blade. 

BRUSHED ALUMINUM handles must be hand washed and dried to prevent discoloration and in some cases the transfer of minerals. 

RESIN STEEL resin handles may be used in the dishwasher with care. 

We cover any manufacturing defect for life. We do not cover, misuse or care.